• 3.5 Ton.
  • Completely resprayed.
  • Complete engine overhaul by agents.
  • Oil leaks fixed.
  • Machine is in running condition.
  • Spares to go with machine:  Extra engine, transmission, steering axle, hydraulic control blocks, associated piping and 4x tyres with rims (tyres are second hand).
Western, Ghana

Asset located in Ghana.  Price negotiable.

  • 800mm Tracks, 
  • 1.6cbm Bucket, 
  • Hammer Lines, 
  • Extra Lights, 
  • Upper & Lower Screen Protector, 
  • Tier II Engine, 

  • Notes:

  1. Good straight machine, side handrail twisted but will be repaired. 
  2. Machine will be fully cleaned and delivered to the port.
Safe Reliable Easy

Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset appears to be in working condition.
  • Cab appears fair.
  • No visible leaks.
  • Undercarriage appears fair.
  • Bucket and teeth appears fair.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset was not started upon inspection. 
  • Cab needs attention. 
  • Sprocket and rollers appear fair.
Gauteng, South Africa
In working Condition
Tyre's 80% Good
Cab In good condition
All buckets in tact 
Gauteng, South Africa
100% In working condition 
Engine completely redone
Tyre's 80% good
Cab in excellent condition
All buckets in tact
Start working
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset not started upon inspection. 
  • Cab appears to be fair. 
  • Left door not closing. 
  • Bucket and teeth appear fair. 
  • Hour meter not working.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset was not fitted upon inspection. 
  • Hydraulic tank appears in fair condition. 
  • Asset pipes intact. 
  • No leaks noted.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset was started and operated upon inspection.
  • Cab is fair.
  • Hour meter missing.
  • Asset appear to be resprayed.