• New Holland Generator for sale. 
  • Asset uses 30 KVA 3 phase power. 
  • Asset engine looks clean without oil leaks. 
  • Asset subject to confirmation!
  • Lister Generator on trailer up for grabs. 
  • Asset uses 10 KVA 3 phase power. R.P.M 1800. 
  • Asset appears to be re-sprayed. 
  • Asset subject to confirmation!
  • Forklift appears to be refurbished.
  •  Cabin seat appears fair, data plate and gauges not working. 
  • Carriage assembly and load rest in good condition, but mast chains appear loose.
  •  The forks and hydraulics on the Ford-Climax appear to be working condition. 
  • Battery not available during inspection.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset in running condition.
  • Asset appears to have a 1004 perkins engine.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Asset appears to be a 80ton.
  • 12.55m
  • 12 Lock pin container.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset was not started upon inspection. 
  • Missing sides noted. 
  • Drop side dents noted. 
  • Cab appears to be sprayed.