Gauteng, South Africa
  • Clear List: 
  • Upon inspection this machine appears overall in fair condition. 
  • Sprockets, Idlers, Rollers, Tracks & Bucket appear to be in a good condition. 
  • Cab appears clean.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset appears to be sprayed. 
  • Cab appears to be fair. 
  • Grab appears to be fair. 
  • Minor leaks noted.
  • Asset appears to be running.
  • Cab is fair.
  • Blade is fair.
  • Shanks available.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset in running condition.
  • Cab is fair.
  • Bucket and Teeth fair.
  • Minor cylinder leak noted.
  • No leaks noted on engine.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 3 to 6cm can open.
Gauteng, South Africa
  • Asset appears to be in running condition. 
  • Lake noted. 
  • Cab appears fair. 
  • Hour meter missing. 
  • Ripper appears fair.